Off-season? Indoor-season? Zwift-season?

Off-season? Indoor-season? Zwift-season?

Well, it’s that time of year. We finally have snow and it is no longer practical to ride outside. So what do we do now? Crush the trainer.

Truth be told, I’ve been all over the Kickr since October. The idea of putting on a jillion layers of clothing and riding outside through mud and general muck was not very appealing. Since the Everesting Ride, I have been outside a total of four times (according to Strava) and three of those were over the Christmas break thanks to unreasonably mild weather.

So, since I haven’t been outside, I’ve been pushing the pedals in the man cave! My weekly volume usually looks something like this:

  • Monday: 2 Hour Base Ride (~210w) @ 6AM (Optional) - Kiss at Base

  • Tuesday: 1 Hour Race Session with the Southwestern Ontario Zwift Racers @ 7:30PM - Midweek Criterium

  • Wednesday: 2 Hour Base Ride @ 6AM - Kiss at Base

  • Thursday: 1 Hour Race Session @ 6AM - MGCC Pursuit

  • Friday: 2 Hour Base Ride @ 6AM - Kiss at Base

  • Saturday: 1.5 Hour Hang-on Ride (ramp from 200 - 300w then all out) @ 6AM - TeamEN Hang On Ride

  • Sunday: 3 Hour Endurance Race - Fondo or other event

It is more hours than usual, but I am trying to build up for a good run at the spring gravel races in the area - Steaming Nostril and Paris to Ancaster (perhaps some others? Barry Roubaix needs a revisit). In about two weeks this base/volume phase moves into a bit more intensity so the Wednesday and Friday base rides may get dropped to bring in some more structured workouts.

Now that the snow is here, I can’t wait for it to be gone! Eager to get back outside and riding.

MGCC Ride & Race - The Wheels of Bloor Assault

MGCC Ride & Race - The Wheels of Bloor Assault Everesting Challenge Everesting Challenge