Nordic Cats CX Race #3

Nordic Cats CX Race #3

Sometimes I do things that I immediately regret. This was one of them. Right up there with just about every time that Dean comes within a few feet in a race.



How could this get worse?

I've got to give it to Mike Jaffray, the Nordic Cats CX Club looks like a ton of fun. It's a well laid out course and he's got quite the following. If you in the London and KW area and you're looking to practice your 'cross skills then this is an absolute no brainer. Me on the other hand? I'm a stupid roadie. 

After a pair of nice warmup laps with Dallas, I managed to find Mike, Tony and the kids waiting at registration. Do we have time for another pass? Sure, let's try with some speed this time. In the last 500m there is a set of uphill/downhill switchbacks . No big deal for most folks, but as I was about to find out, my brakes and handling skills were not adequate for this type of technical riding. Into the brambles I go!


Brake Pads!

You're supposed to clean these?

Getting back to the start area, I am hearing this awesome (terrible) sound coming from my front brake. Upon deft inspection by Amy, Mike, Tony and myself, it is determined that I've somehow bent the clip that holds the pads.

As our millwright friend watches, Tony fashions a vice from nearby materials and bends the clip back to near normal dimensions. We slide it all back together and it's no longer destroying eardrums. Victory!

Line up with the slow folks at the back and we're off!

Thankfully, Amy has not posted pictures of the rest of my race. I lasted three laps of the pre-ordained five. I called it quits when I dumped it hard twice more in to the same brambles. Destroying my bottle cage and my bar tape in the process.

So, in addition to the replacement parts, I have gathered some Isopropyl Alcohol (not just to disinfect the wounds) and sandpaper to see if I can make these brakes a bit more effective. Maybe round two in a few weeks? 


Bottle Cage

Now easier to access!


Clean Me...

This may take a while

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